Time to put on the suit



When a superhero puts on his uniform, he embodies the most powerful, confident, courageous, and unstoppable version of themselves.  Whether it be a power suit made of some impossible iron alloy, or a bare chest, claws and a gravity-defying bouffant, the uniform serves as a point of recognition of the astounding transformation in the character’s demeanor.  To always be at this peak of personal strength takes great focus and energy.  No super hero is without their Achilles heel, or their source of power.  Superman clearly has a debilitating allergy issue with kryptonite, and Captain America’s integrity is what makes him more than just a physically strong man.  So where am I going with this?

While every day conditions might seem to present me with opportunities to be the absolute best version of myself, there is a lot to be said knowing when it is time to put on the uniform.   When I get ready to run, I’m not just putting on flashy sneakers and coaxing my hair to stay out of my face.  I am  preparing myself mentally, emotionally and physically to confront the obstacles that stand between me and my goals with my full attention.

Many of the great battle scenes in my favorite superhero films are formulaic.   The hero enters into the confrontation with great vigor, and then experiences a lull in performance where he confronts his weakness, and finally finds strength to overcome all obstacles.  The mental obstructions he encounters are often greater than the physical ones.  Inevitably our hero comes out of the battle on top.  Having crushed his foes, he is stronger, more resolved and powerful than ever.

The flamboyance of the battles we each face on a daily basis may seem to pale in comparison to that of a super hero, but I would argue there are many opportunities in our week to “put on the suit”.  One of my least favorite battles is with food.  While eating is a physical act, my battle is mental.  My kryptonite is never the food itself, but my attitude toward it.  My power of nutritional integrity tells me how I can use food for the good of my health.  I must listen to this spidey-sense and choose the red over the black suit.   And every time I conquer the foe, celebration is in order.  I get to dip the girl and flex a lot! 😉  Ok, in my life the celebrations look more like a great big smile, and doing something for myself that I’ve wanted to do for a while, and knowing that I used my powers for good and saved the day again.

I recognize that I used the pronoun ‘he’ throughout this post.  I am a chick, and I love both male and female superheroes alike.  I think that we can each find heroes both real and imagined that we can relate to, and derive inspiration from.  The legacy of the superhero is not just living to be great another day, but to inspire others to access their own greatness.  That is a legacy that each of us can contribute to.