Thanksgiving snow storm 20141127

The view outside our window Thanksgivng morning 2014

I got fantastically stuck in a snowbank this morning.  I know that people comfort themselves in these situations by saying it will be funny later. To be honest, it is already funny, I feel ridiculous.

We live atop a rather large hill. While there are variety of roads I can take to reach the base of the hill, the fact exists that in some way I need to reach the base. This morning I made an error in judgment choosing my path to work. As I felt myself sliding, picking up speed when I should be slowing down, I tried to pump the breaks….tried to remember all the tricks I could think of. I realized that I was definitely on the verge of colliding into the car in front of me, who would likely domino into the car in front of him, who resultantly might T-Bone one of the cars on the main cross street. I instead chose to careen into the 3ft snowbank on the sidewalk, which effectively stopped my vehicle. I waited for the other cars behind me to finish their slippery journey down the hill, and cautiously attempted to back up. My wheels spun, and I went nowhere. I again tried more frantically to back up cutting the wheel hard, but my car wouldn’t budge. I got out of the car and examined my situation. My rear driver’s side tire wasn’t even making contact with the pavement as the body of my Lincoln MKX was sitting on the snow I had solidly packed down in my slide. I grabbed my snow brush, the only tool I had and started hacking away at the snow around my tires. I tried backing up again to no avail. Just as I started getting overwhelmed, across the road came a kindly looking man with a big shovel and a fantastic Caribbean-sounding accent.  “You missed the road a little, I think,” he said with kind eyes twinkling. No sooner had he started shoveling out my snow-imprisoned tires then another older gentleman came over to help.  I offered to shovel, but I could see that my offer insulted him. In a few minutes, three other men were helping.

As someone that prides myself on being strong, self-sufficient and rarely in need of help, the event took my pride down a notch. I was humbled to need help from strangers like this.  I stay in good shape. I’m independent, stubborn and naturally very strong. I am the girl that proudly changes the water cooler at work, the girl who pushes stubbornly through injury. I easily picture myself as the helper, but not as the helped.  I generally maintain the view that there is someone in greater need than myself, and that available resources should be allocated to those in greatest need. But maybe humility doesn’t have to be negative. I could tell that helping me made the older gentleman feel needed and valued. He was proud that it was his rock salt that finally gave me the traction to get out of the snowbank. This wasn’t just about me. I feel honored and blessed that 5 complete strangers came to my aid. They’ve made my day, and motivated me to pass on the love; to look for more opportunities to help others, and reminded me to express my gratitude on a regular basis.