This is the year our cards turned a corner creatively.  Gone were the days of using our living room as a backdrop.  Our new approach was to up the cheese-factor, and shoot the photo of us on a background in the kitchen.  I did make the sleigh full-sized,  but the other elements became part of the story post-production in Photoshop.  Like many of our props, the crab pulling the sleigh was something we already had.  He’s actually an ornament that hangs on one of our potted plants.  At one point I dropped the crab and broke his claw.  In the midst of the late-night photo session this year, the crab became known to us as Dr. Claw, a prestigious and skilled surgeon, and it was of utmost importance that his claw be expertly reattached.  I’m fairly sure that listening to Step Brothers again and hearing Dr. Robert Doback shouting that he is a medical doctor heavily influenced the evolution of Dr. Claw’s story.

Brian claims that he can’t draw, but says he can make anything in ‘stick-figure’ form.   He made me a cute card this year starring our new friend.


The outside of the card reads:

“And they heard him exclaim as they rode out of sight…”

Continued on the inside with:

“Glub glub glub… I’ve got surgery at 7:30 in the morning!”

Only 3 more sleeps to Christmas! 😉