I had a lot of fun conceptualizing this card.  As soon as I stepped back from wrapping Brian and saw the overall effect of the 6’7” man-shaped present I started laughing so hard I was tearing.  Fortunately Brian was a really good sport about being enclosed as I dried my eyes and figured out my pose.  It was difficult to decide which ‘unwrapping’ picture to use, because Brian makes such great faces.  I’m pretty sure there is also an outtake where it looks like he is giving me a good whack.

Comparing this card to the previous year, our weight loss is somewhat noticeable to me here.  This is a couple months prior to us officially committing to get healthy.  What is more apparent to me than the physical changes is the boost in our energy levels.  I remember Brian and I both being more creative this year, trying out different poses and expressions.  I remember the confidence I had gained at this point as well.  I was now ok with having a shot of my whole body on our card.

6 More Days!