A few years ago Brian and I started a tradition of sending out a playful photo card of ourselves each Christmas.  This is the first card we did.  The concept was pretty basic and cutesy.  What can I say, we were three months into our marriage, and it was adorably snowy outside.  We still lived in Michigan at this point, and Brian says he remembers being quite frozen.  He was wearing a short-sleeved polo shirt, so he had his coat pulled down to cover his forearms, in the style of a rebellious middleschooler (“I don’t NEED a coat, mom!”)  I remember the sweater I was wearing, it was one of the first pieces of clothing Brian ever bought for me, and I really felt beautiful in it.  Looking back is always fun.  It reminds me that we are still the same fun, playful couple – just a lot healthier.

Our Christmas cards have since evolved into quite the yearly craft project involving lots of glue, tape, action figures and Photoshop.  Somewhere in September or October we channel our inner Lady Gaga and try to think of a new unique concept.  The cards have also inadvertently become a documentation of our ongoing weightless and journey to health.  I am going to be posting all of them over the days leading up until Christmas in countdown fashion.

Happy 8 days to Christmas!