The road to good health requires hard work, dedication, and an amazing support system.  When I started my journey towards health, nothing was more important to me than knowing that my sources of inspiration were credible.  What separates lasting success from relapse is the ability to back up your hard work with proven science.  Through my training, certifications, education, and personal experience, I can help you achieve your goals

I am proud to be part of YOUR overall plan for success. Here's why I'm qualified to help you reach your potential:

ACE Certifications

ACE Personal Trainer Certification

The American Council On Exercise (ACE) is the world's largest nonprofit health and fitness certification organization.  The rigorous, science-based programs that ACE offers help me to deliver individualized programs, and general best practices that can help anyone achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

EDx Courses


I have found EdX to be an AMAZING way to connect with some of the world's most prestigious universities to learn about all sorts of fascinating subjects.  Here are some of the courses I have taken so far:

Food For Thought

The Chemistry of Life

The Science of Happiness