This will be the year that I… (fill in the blank)

As optimistic as I am, I feel it too.  Which each birthday, I am getting older.  There is a long list of things I said I would accomplish with my life.  I’ve always had this view of myself that I should be accomplishing more than I currently was, no matter how much I was doing at the time.  At times, this notion has led me to feel depressed and entertain thoughts of defeat.  Have I let myself down?  Is there still time to do everything I want to? I know I’m not a spring chicken anymore.

What I’ve realized is that as I am able to handle more, my expectations of myself have become greater.  Believing I am more capable enables me to consider future possibilities I previously thought to be impossible, and that is a beautiful thing.  The flip side is that I can use this torture myself, allowing my best to never be good enough.

Let’s consider that perhaps challenging yourself to grow in a new way can sometimes be more rewarding than trying to compete with your past achievements.  Don’t let the triumphs of the past serve as a means to torture yourself as you make goals for your future.  Not all milestone memories worth working toward end in a trophy.  It’s valuable to always be striving to fulfill our potential, and using the passing of time to tear ourselves down is counterproductive.

The Sunny Disposition

My husband bought me this really cute sloth workout shirt for Christmas.  Under the sloth are the words, “Everyone you love will die.”  I wore the shirt the other day, and the reactions I got from friends reflected disbelief and slight shock.  I have a reputation for spreading my sunny outlook, and the shirt didn’t seem to fit that temperament.  Admittedly, the message of the shirt is quite realistic and honest.  I definitely embrace those qualities.  It got me thinking.  Does feeling truly happy require that we ignore the hard realities and tough truths surrounding the darker bits of life?

Being optimistic isn’t about being smiley and peppy all the time, or about ignoring the unpleasant parts of life.  Life is not all unicorns and rainbows.  It is about recognizing that alongside any unpleasantries, there is always something to be grateful for, and something to celebrate.  It is about embracing that there is adventure to be had in this journey, despite the cold and bleak landscape that we sometimes find ourselves surrounded by.

The sunny disposition is a choice.  Your bit of sunshine is part of a bigger ray, and you have the ability and responsibility to help that light to spread light to other corners of the world by practicing it on a daily basis.  Acknowledging this responsibility is empowering. This practice has at many points helped me pull myself out of the muck of negatively wallowing in my long list of should haves and could haves.  Embracing this mentality can and will empower you to contribute to the positive wave of change you see.

My Mission Statement

My mission in creating and growing Naked Nutrition is to make living a healthy, happy life accessible and achievable.  I believe that nutrition and exercise are tools that contribute to our mental health and well-being.  I promise to work to the best of my ability to provide factual information within my scope of practice.  I promise to lead and inspire from a place of honesty and humility.  I will try to make eating your brocolli as fun as possible Lastly, I will approach all topics with moral and scientific integrity.

Always land sunny side up!