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Shepard’s Pie Gets a Makeover

For me, Shepard’s Pie is one of those nostalgic meals that brings back good memories of hours spent playing with my siblings in the snow during the cold winter months in New England.  It was a relatively easy dish for my busy mom to put together, and stick-to-the-bones satisfying for her hungry brood.   Unlike my […]

Naked Nutrition Ninja Training: Episode ...

  Welcome back Ninjas!  In Episode I, I challenged you to become a Master Observer, by identifying the ‘friend’, ‘frenemy’, and ‘enemy’ behaviors of your nutrition-related goal.  I also dared you to practice mastering your environment by starting to make changes in your behavior, connecting positive stimuli with ‘friend’ behaviors, and removing barriers to make it […]

Naked Nutrition Ninja Training: Episode ...

Becoming the Master of your Environment A Nutrition Ninja must be in tune with their surroundings at all times.  Becoming the master of your environment begins by building awareness of daily circumstances, interactions, and other happenings that may have become commonplace to your conscious brain.  You don’t need to have Jedi genes in your bloodline […]

Naked Nutrition Ninja Training

A program for those who want to conquer their dietary demons Let’s face it, you’ve wished at one time or another that you possessed Ninja-like focus, discipline, and determination in your nutrition endeavors.  Plus, you’ve always wanted to gracefully halve a grapefruit with a katana in mid-air.  Just me on that one?  Over the next […]

This Thanksgiving, Don’t be a Turkey!

I fully love the holidays: the decorations, the crisp weather, and spending time with my family and friends. This is a time of celebration, and for giving thanks, and food…lots and lots of food. I love food, but my relationship with it has changed a lot over the years as I lost weight and gained […]

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic Motivation

“Every Day I See My Dream” I often struggle to find that perfect balance of enjoying the present moment whilst looking excitedly toward the future. I believe that practicing a delicate ballet of appreciation for my past, present and future is a vital component in feeding the positive perspective I need to achieve the goals […]

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