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A Healthier, Fluffier Omelet: A Recipe M...

Omelets for dinner are egg-ceptional way to shake up your healthy routine!

Breakfast and Beyond Breakfast, sweet and savory….what’s not to love?   The morning meal can feel more like a pit-stop for those of us with a rushed routine.  Brunch with friends can round out the other extreme, as calories from Bloody Marys and stuffed French Toast add up.   I think it’s time we gave breakfast a […]

Naked Nutrition Ninja Training: Episode ...

Naked Nutrition Ninja Training: Episode III – Surprise Attacks!

Welcome back Ninjas!  In Episode I, we identified and observed the enemy, in Episode II, we formulated a Plan of Attack to stop the enemy in his tracks.  But what if the enemy surprises you from behind?  Or any other angle for that matter.  In Episode III, we will discuss your best course of action […]

This Thanksgiving, Don’t be a Turkey!

I fully love the holidays: the decorations, the crisp weather, and spending time with my family and friends. This is a time of celebration, and for giving thanks, and food…lots and lots of food. I love food, but my relationship with it has changed a lot over the years as I lost weight and gained […]

Whole Foods, Welcome to New Hampshire!

Whole Foods, Welcome to New Hampshire!

As you may be aware, Whole Foods will be opening their first New Hampshire store this Tuesday, August 19th. Last night I had a unique opportunity to tour the new store. There is a really fun sneak peek event planned for Saturday the 15th if you’re interested, with proceeds to benefit Meals On Wheels. RSVP […]

Happy Fearless Friday!

Happy Fearless Friday!

Trader Joe’s calls their newsletter the ‘Fearless Flyer’.  I’m not sure what led the company to do this, but perhaps it was their fearless endorsement of some smaller innovative health conscious food manufacturers like Dabecca Natural Foods who makes their amazing Turkey Bacon.  The name of the flyer was resonating with me this morning, as […]

Berrysaurus Rex Muffins

If you were born in the 80s, perhaps you already guessed that this muffin is a tribute to the Kool Aid flavor Purplesaurus Rex.  Purple plus lemonade plus dinosaurs; it’s really hard to think of a better combination.  I definitely channeled my inner health raptor though, and gave this lemon-tastic flavor explosion a spin on […]

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