A program for those who want to conquer their dietary demons

Let’s face it, you’ve wished at one time or another that you possessed Ninja-like focus, discipline, and determination in your nutrition endeavors.  Plus, you’ve always wanted to gracefully halve a grapefruit with a katana in mid-air.  Just me on that one?  Over the next few weeks, I will offer you the opportunity to live out your fantasy of mastering the mindset of a Ninja as I guide you in identifying and combating your most diabolical dietary demons.

So, who am I to offer you advice?

I am not a Registered Dietician, an M.D., or an accredited Sensei. I am someone who got fed up with being unhealthy and started making changes that eventually led to a weight loss of 170 lbs.   In my journey to health I became a self-proclaimed nutrition nerd, an ACE certified personal trainer, and found a whole new way of thinking that helps me stay the course when I struggle now.   I believe that changing mindset is the keystone to any lasting change we wish to see in our lives.  In changing my mindset, I was able to not only combat my dietary demons, but transform my life.  I want to help you transform yours.

People who’ve known me a short while often think that being a Nutrition Ninja comes easily and naturally to me.  Let me tell you something, no one is born into Ninjahood.  If becoming a Ninja was easy, there would be nothing to master.  To become a Nutrition Ninja, you will need to develop the persistence to get back up when you fall down, and the patience to scrub the grapefruit juice out of the carpet when you make a mess in the living room.  I cannot promise this will be easy.  In fact, I can pretty confidently say that it’s likely going to feel the opposite of easy.  What I can promise is that it will be worth it.  If you put in the time and energy I request and leave it all on the dance floor, your hard work will pay off and you too will feel empowered and achieve Nutrition Ninja status.

Think your problem is too big to tackle, and no amount of training, observation, or practice will help you?

There was this other guy I know who thought that.  He was just a farm hand with a lot of energy, and was told he was too old to train to become a knight.  When he started his training he had a lot of spunk initially, but then started whining that everything was ‘too hard’.  When he really started focusing on what was important to him, and dedicated himself to his practice, he found the mental strength of ten Grinches plus two and lifted his own ship out of a swamp!  Yes his name is Luke, and yes I just used a fictional Star Wars character to illustrate a real point.

So where should you begin?

In your own words (as many or as few as you like) I want you to write down your most important nutrition goal.  Store it in a safe but accessible place (i.e. in your phone, under your mattress, in a wall safe).

Here are a couple samples goals to get you thinking:

  • I want to make time for…meals with my family…cooking for myself.
  • I want to use what I buy at the store, and throw out less food.’
  • I want to learn portion control.
  • I want to enjoy eating healthy meals.

Get some rest, training begins Wednesday.  You don’t need to go out and buy your own katana, but it won’t hurt to brush up on your sweet dicing skills.