Nancy and Brian Nash - Christmas 2013

This year I have to say the concept for our card seemed to come to us rather quickly.  We channeled our mutual love of ocean creatures, under the sea adventures, and Grand Cayman and embraced the dreams we’ve been having since we left the island in May.  I created the  ‘reef’  out of a card board box and decorated it in Trader Joe’s bags, sticks, a Clementine net, paint and lots of glitter. I’ve been asked a couple times where we got all the sea critters.  Truthfully, the only one purchased for the photo was the eel, as these guys regularly decorate our kitchen and bedroom area.  It was honestly hard to decide which ones to use.  I suppose that really sums us up, two kids who love the ocean and being surrounded by it.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year,  and May Your Dreams come True! 😉